Coping Mechanism by Anthony Victoria | August 5 – 25, 2017

Metal has been the routine medium in sculpture, assemblage, and in some forms of installation art, but in his first-one-man show, Coping Mechanism, Anthony Victoria reveals its properties, particularly that of aluminum, as a drawing board, a slate, a futuristic canvas on which he essays the clashes, collusions, and inevitable cooperations of the human and the artificial, the beating heart and the thinking mind with the resonant forms of technology. 

Salu-Salo Espesyal | August 5 – 25, 2017

With our daily consumption of the ongoing Marawi siege, skyrocketing body count, and falling peso, it’s easy to be desensitized and think that we are safe from harm. Tokhang is only for the poor, or is it? But here at Salo-Salo Espesyal, whipped up by Kalye Kolektib, we offer you a smorgasbord of our individual and collective visions into what’s happening around us, hopeful that they can fill up your appetite for some real-life, meaningful action. We believe that rich or poor, addicts or not, all of us Filipinos share the same table where we are free to discuss issues and disagree with each other. Here are our delectable specialties that will have you shookt!, as the millennials would say. Kaon ta! Mangan na! Let’s feast!