Payawar | Art Fair Philippines 2020

During the early Renaissance, people have been introduced to an image of an altar that declare the consecration of its contents which are often religious in nature. An altarpiece is then used to represent sacred objects, and symbols that depict Christ, accompanied by a retinue of various holy figures including a titular saint of the church, the Apostles, and the Evangelists. In this exhibit called Payawar, the altarpiece will be used as a symbol of what the artist deem to be the Counterfeits and the False Prophets. They will be the subject of Solano to depict the spurious teachers who promulgate a distorted gospel of lawlessness and a Church motivated by greed for power and influence.

Reciprocities | Nov 30 ’19 – Jan 12 ’20, Indonesia

Eskinita Art Gallery’s Isko Andrade, Mark Maac, Marvin Quizon, Don Bryan Bunag, Ayu Rika, Atreyu Moniaga, Izal Batubara, Triana Nurmaria and Valdo Manullang goes to Indonesia for a collaborative group exhibition with Kohesi Initiatives

Ama, Anak | Art Fair Philippines 2019

As a reflection of his father’s mentorship, Guerrero’s plight created an inventory of issues, societal struggles, inner conflicts, and personal demons. In a show entitled “Conjoint” he has exhibited various techniques to highlight the influences and tensions of his subjects in relation to the matter of power. The usage of pop culture and mass media sparks the curiosity about the seemingly secret message highlighted through this work and the transmitted peculiar influence on the subject.

Simulacra | February 2 – 15, 2019, Singapore

SIMULACRA at The Substation, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore
February 2 – February 15, 2019
Alfredo Esquillo | Lui Gonzales | Dondon Jeresano | DengCoy Miel | Leonardo Onia | Arturo Sanchez Jr. | Jojit Solano | Anthony Victoria

Daluyong | October 12-14, 2018, Kuala Lumpur

Southeast Asia Special Exhibition of Art Expo Malaysia 2018: Eskinita Art Gallery Presents “Daluyong” by Brenda Fajardo and Imelda Cajipe Endaya.
Given the privilege for creativity and cultural exchange, Eskinita Art Gallery proudly represented two of the most notable artists in the Philippines. This celebration of courage and truth through their eyes has allowed a meaningful involvement in the international arena.

Bayluhanay I | October 6 – November 16, 2018

With Iloilo at the peak of its looming participation in the art scene, Eskinita Art Gallery presents Bayluhanay – a show in partnership with the Molo Mansion that aims to showcase a series of exchanges between provincial artists and artists from Metro Manila. The goal is to formulate an art scene for the artists in the province through an avenue where they can showcase their skills while simultaneously gaining an in depth understanding of each party’s different cultures and individual techniques.

Ortigas Art Festival | February 23 – March 26, 2018

Eskinita Art Gallery presents Eskinita Kontemporaryo, a retrospect of our 2017 exhibits and a bold prediction of contemporary art’s future trends. Founded by Alfredo “Eski” Esquillo, the gallery is an alternative platform and artist’s intervention in the art scene that continues to grow, evolve, and complicate. As Eskinita Art Gallery looks towards the future of contemporary art, this exhibit is a showcase of the Philippines’ current crop of rising artists as they tackle a variety of different topics in our current events.