Past Exhibit

Lockdown Memoirs | April 12 – April 19, 2020

Lockdown Memoirs explores the emergence of despair as a manifestation of people’s trauma, sentiments, and hardships during a pandemic. The exhibition reflects the artists’ passion for life — the richness it is deemed to possess, and the bitter reality of its fragility.

Stand Still | February 29 – March 24, 2020

A group exhibit by Archie Ruga, Rodel Omampo, Mark Lester Espina, Joen Sudlon, and Dondon Jeresano

Filipino Artists Abroad | February 28 – March 8, 2020

Showcasing artworks from galleries, international artists and groups, with the exhibition being designed by Mr. Renato Habulan.

A month-long celebration of the arts with demos and workshops.

Illumination | February 28 – March 8, 2020

A Fine Art Photography Collective by Bern Wong, Jeff Dytuco, Angela Panlilio, Ian Santos, Red Ognita, Raymond Cruz, Marlo Roxas, and Allin Santiago

Ingkisisyon | February 29 – March 24, 2020

The movement of inquisition entails a lengthy examination of all books that are in circulation, an investigation and apprehension of all persons suspected of the crime of bigamy, heresy, or any practice that mars the purity of Christian faith. People who are found culpable of said crime is given a corporal or violent punishment. But with this power, ill effects manifest an excessive utilization of its agents to exhaust their privileges and extend their influence for personal ends.

Crossover | February 8 – February 25, 2020

The act of moving from one point to another becomes the central theme among the works of the nine artists in this exhibition. However, ”Crossover” does not simply look at the physical action of this undertaking. Here, the different narratives shared by the artists through their works denote how they reflect within their personal lives and surroundings in finding meaning to memories, thoughts, and actions.

Nevertheless | February 8 – February 25, 2020

Borsoto spent his early days in an inactive barrio. Walking in almost empty streets, and clinging to his own alternate world, he had set his heart solely to his creative sensibilities. The works Panic I and Panic II serve as a testament to this, as they are works the artist used to cope with during his panic attacks. He, then, treasured the little moments that saved him from the abyss that almost seemingly appeared to him as his absolute reality. In Nevertheless, he reconciles these moments and manifests a definite way in which the bleakness of his own barrio actually did more than inflict an unmerited distress. It incited him to rise above himself, and see the more of what the world can promise.

Phosphenes | August 14-30, 2018

Artists Aileen Dela Cruz, Anne Lacaba, Leny Leonor and Tokwa Peñaflorida come together in a group exhibition titled “Phosphene”. The title refers to a visual phenomenon wherein the eyes detect or see rings or spots of light brought upon by stimulations other than an actual light source. Metaphorically, it stands for the recurring images that the artists are currently exploring in their respective creative practice. In iconography, this can be referred to as a motif, a recurring image in a composition which is employed for its symbolic function or as a decorative element, motif in common parlance can be synonymous to the terms “theme” or “style”. While the four artists differ in styles and themes, they are brought together by the way they incorporate the use of motif in their works not only for this exhibition but in their entire body of works.

| Dark | Light | August 14 – 30, 2018

Poverty is a reaper that harvests what’s in every single one of us — it leaves us empty, and numbed that we may endure all the darkness of the present. Denmark clinches on this idea, and is asserted in the overall outlook of his works. The transparency of the grudgingly looking eyes, the tumultuous texture of barbed wires, and the distinctive portrayal of mother and child does not simply explain but successfully promulgate that the absence of security is responsible for our social unrest.

Embed by Michelle Ballesteros | July 17 – August 6, 2018

All human beings are blessed with the gift of spirit – an essential being or an inner self. And oftentimes, we are confronted with challenges to go deeper into the mystery of it. In Michelle Ballesteros’ Embed, faith in religion fostered the pathway to this discernment.