1st solo show by Denmark Dela Cruz

“Denmark Dela Cruz, born and bred in Bugallon, Pangasinan, embarks on his first solo exhibit entitled Malangwer this 2021. As one of Eskinita’s  Tuklas Program grantee in 2017 and member of Biskeg art collective in Pangasinan, Dela Cruz creates works of art which adheres to the current political and social conditions. Dela Cruz, trained as an editorial cartoonist in his school paper, applies a new figurative approach and even the politics of the craft to his artistic discipline.

In Malangwer, Dela Cruz’s art seeks to both imbibe empathy by examining your senses as he bares his soul to a maximum reality as well as to uplift his advocacy for children’s wellbeing through his intense visual imagery and aesthetics.”

For inquiries, message us at 09178850730.