AMALGAM | October 2 – 26, 2021

Amalgam, a group exhibit by Elbert Caballero, Alrashdi Mohammad, Demosthenes Campos, Jojo Lofranco, and Max Balatbat shows diverse approaches to abstraction and materializes what is otherwise invisible and unnoticed, lending viewers other ways of seeing nature and architecture.

AN EPIDEMIC OF NOSTALGIA | October 30 – November 23, 2021

‘An Epidemic of Nostalgia’, a group exhibit featuring the works of EDZ CALIMLIM, LOURD DE VEYRA, ROGER MOND, FERNAN ODANG, and YKO UMADHAY.

HOPE IS AS HOLLOW AS FEAR | September 11 – 28, 2021

Artist Dave Lock, inspired by Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching and Carl Jung’s theories on ‘Shadows’ or the collective unconscious, creates for his solo exhibition works on paper using a process of etching various figures and images within a portrait where seemingly unconscious thoughts are being exposed. The integration of ‘Shadows’ into our consciousness brings about new and creative synergy to our lives.

SALIMUOT | July 17 – August 8, 2021

For his seventh solo exhibition, Iloilo artist – Melvin Guirhem presents Salimuot where he weaves his ever-present concerns not merely as a conscious interlude of colors, illustrations, and other media but as something that is originally perceived in his fragile/fertile imaginations. Digging deeper, Guirhem expands his visual language further and extends his artistic range. For his creative output, Guirhem does six paintings on acrylic and six artworks on thread creating a striking exhibit for its diversity and richness. Collectively, Guirhem pushes the cause what and how Iloilo is creatively shaping up.

ALTERED STATES | June 19 – July 13, 2021

Lena Cobangbang, Mariano Ching, Gale Encarnacion, Jed Escueta, IC Jaucian, Kitty Kaburo, Jo Santos and Yasmin Sison survey various states within the spectrum of change—from the gradual and unexpected, to the volatile and winding states of transfiguration. The audience will also discover how disrepair and decay can offer possibilities for renewal and reincarnation—through depictions of ephemera, and through altered and manipulated photographs. In other works, conventions of beauty are broken down and altered as a gesture of resistance towards the projection of superficial aesthetics.

SAYSAY | May 22 – June 15, 2021

For Esquillo, a lot of hidden meanings are concealed in the signified thus one should be attentive enough to the picture at hand to enable our own inherent realizations. The artistic prowess of Esquillo is he still leaves much of the action to his viewers to remain active not just passive.” – an excerpt from Jay Bautista’s Making Sense to His Stories: On Alfredo Esquillo’s Saysay

MALANGWER | March 27 – May 15, 2021

Denmark Dela Cruz, born and bred in Bugallon, Pangasinan, embarks on his first solo exhibit entitled Malangwer this 2021. As one of Eskinita’s Tuklas Program grantee in 2017 and member of Biskeg art collective in Pangasinan, Dela Cruz creates works of art which adheres to the current political and social conditions. Dela Cruz, trained as an editorial cartoonist in his school paper, applies a new figurative approach and even the politics of the craft to his artistic discipline.

Disruptions | August 1 – 25, 2020

Disruptions is a situational narrative of an artist’s body of work in the pandemic times.

It consists of a carefully curated compilation of philippine mythological creatures pre- covid, that was eventually eased out of the artists mind with the onset of the Covid spread. The covid narrative and anti china sentiments slowly simmered in the mind of the artist, thus, immediately manifesting in the works that took a new direction.

TIME TO GO | July 4 – July 28, 2020

A solo show by Reen Barrera

“It’s time to leave, Time to move on, but that doesn’t mean you’re gone completely. The spot from where you came from are filled with things that made you who you are, It’s like a game wherein you level up and face another monster that you have to defeat. Challenging oneself and creating your own obstacle course is one way to live an exciting life. Being comfortable is uncomfortable, it’s boring.”

WPS | May 6 – May 15, 2020

(West Philippine Sea) On renaming and reclaiming our territory.
An Online Exhibition
May 6-15, 2020

Ben Albino / Lito Ballaran / Marko Bello / Edz Calimlim / Rai Cruz / Denmark Dela Cruz / Boni De Guzman / Jun Orland E. Espinosa / Alfredo Esquillo / Ivy Floresca / Macouy Mark Gonzales / Eric Guazon / Tamer Karam / Anne Lacaba Rachel / Mark Laza / Peeme Legaspi / Richard Montero / Michael Munoz / Alex Ordoyo / Cedrick Dela Paz / Nikko Pelaez / Kathrina Ragadi / Alwin Reamillo / Paul Eric Roca / Frenk Sison / Jojit Solano / Jeff Somera / Abril Dominic Valdemoro / Anthony Victoria / Kevin Vila