Esquinita, from the Spanish word esquina, means “corner” leading to an alleyway. Cities in Metro Manila have networks of side streets and alleyways—eskinitas—familiar streets that take one home, or to yet to be discovered shorter routes to a new adventure, pre-determined destination or a life changing destiny. Eskinita Art Gallery’s name is play on founder Alfredo Esquillo’s nickname—“Eski.” The Gallery is an “alleyway” to his new home for art and artists,and an invitation to share in his new adventures.

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Coping Mechanism by Anthony Victoria

Tuklas 2017 Teaser

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Off-Center, of Center by Arvi Fetalvero

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Phosphenes | August 14-30, 2018

Artists Aileen Dela Cruz, Anne Lacaba, Leny Leonor and Tokwa Peñaflorida come together in a group exhibition titled “Phosphene”. The title refers to a visual phenomenon wherein the eyes detect or see rings or spots of light brought upon by stimulations other than an actual light source. Metaphorically, it stands for the recurring images that the artists are currently exploring in their respective creative practice. In iconography, this can be referred to as a motif, a recurring image in a composition which is employed for its symbolic function or as a decorative element, motif in common parlance can be synonymous to the terms “theme” or “style”. While the four artists differ in styles and themes, they are brought together by the way they incorporate the use of motif in their works not only for this exhibition but in their entire body of works.

| Dark | Light | August 14 - 30, 2018

Poverty is a reaper that harvests what’s in every single one of us — it leaves us empty, and numbed that we may endure all the darkness of the present. Denmark clinches on this idea, and is asserted in the overall outlook of his works. The transparency of the grudgingly looking eyes, the tumultuous texture of barbed wires, and the distinctive portrayal of mother and child does not simply explain but successfully promulgate that the absence of security is responsible for our social unrest.

Embed by Michelle Ballesteros | July 17 - August 6, 2018

All human beings are blessed with the gift of spirit – an essential being or an inner self. And oftentimes, we are confronted with challenges to go deeper into the mystery of it. In Michelle Ballesteros’ Embed, faith in religion fostered the pathway to this discernment.

Sea Of Meanings By Harry Mark Gonzales | July 17 - August 6,2018

Artist Mark Harry Gonzales is known for his cold-cast marble sculptures with forms that calls to mind fantastical sea creatures fused with familiar imagery. he often incorporates dynamic biomorphic elements; elongated, wave-like forms that give the impression that his sculptures are organic entities in the process of growth but caught mid-metamorphosis, suspended in a moment between what it was and what it will become.

Colorless Confetti | June 23 - July 13, 2018

Come close, inspect each work, and what you will see is a palimpsest, layer-upon-layer of imagery peeking through the holes of what seem to be ribbons of paper, overlapping and interpenetrating, asserting their figuration, their ghostly imprints.

Ekstasis | June 2 - 19, 2018

In love, we experience ecstasy. We lose control of ourselves and tend to do things that are beyond our comfort zones. Ecstasy is derived from the Greek word Ekstasis, which means to stand outside of oneself. And when one experiences it, it means as if one is brought out of himself because of love or of the Other that he loves.