‘Discovery’ Program

TUKLAS (‘Discovery’ Program)

Tuklas is a year-long mentorship program with Eskinita Art Gallery’s founder and director Alfredo Esquillo, as well as the gallery’s resident curator Renato Habulan. The program includes mentoring sessions, assistance in production, and an invitation for a solo exhibit at Eskinita Art Gallery.

This program is open to all artists—visual, performance, experimental, among others —who have never been featured in a solo gallery exhibition. The artist may or may not have received formal art training, but have decidedly committed to pursue their art as a career.

TUKLAS for the mentee would be a time for discovery of one’s potential, to test one’s commitment, and build one’s character. TUKLAS on the part of the mentors and Eskinita Art Gallery, would be a time for discovery too—of the art scene’s breadth and depth of potential talent, of prevalent and emerging styles, and of the art scene’s drive and direction. TUKLAS is also the Gallery’s time to give back, guide, and grow.

TUKLAS is patterned after Esquillo’s own mentorship under Habulan, which has evolved into a friendship, and further into a collegial and professional partnership. Esquillo is among the many that Habulan has mentored through the years. Habulan has a passion to train the artist’s eye, hand, and heart—imparting the drive to strive for technical excellence and adhere to a strong work ethic—whilst sharpening the individual artist’s distinctive vision, voice, and visual vocabulary.